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Keeping Up with Smart Home Technology

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Google Nest

The invasion of Smart technology has not just made life easier, it’s changed the way we live. It’s no longer enough for Amazon, Apple, and Google to be on your Smart phone and in your Smart car. They want to make your house Smart too. All the new and coming Smart technology may be confusing to navigate for some, but North Mark is here to help provide a better experience in every new home.

One of the best things about Smart gadgets is that they can create a safer and more accessible home for everyone. Sure, streaming your favorite music with Alexa is fun, but programming Alexa to lock your doors or turn on your security alarm from a remote location adds a layer of convenience to life. Smart devices can lower energy usage, alert you when there’s an emergency and even help clean your home. With the right products you can monitor almost every aspect of your home—even see what’s in the refrigerator—when you are at work or half a world away.

It’s all in the Hub

Most Smart home technology requires a hub like the Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomeKit. Everything from wireless light bulbs to automated vacuums can be controlled through the hub which is controlled by you, either by voice command or through an app on your Smart phone. With advances in wireless technology, it’s no longer necessary to hardwire in automatic control systems during construction. Any number of Smart devices can be added as you need or want them, they don’t even need to all be from the same maker. And that’s a good thing since the world of technology is constantly producing new and amazing devices.

Whether you’re building a custom home with North Mark Homes or purchasing one of our move-in-ready dreams, we can help you decide how much and which types of Smart technology will make your new house feel more like home. Ask your consultant how to make your house the smartest North Mark Home on the block today.

About North Mark Homes

North Mark Homes is a new home builder and developer that has over 30 years of building experience in the greater Chicago region. Founded by Jeff Pelock and family, North Mark Homes offers award-winning designs with custom and semi-custom properties for those looking to build in the Chicago suburbs. With a wide range of properties and floor plans, North Mark Homes strives to provide something for buyers in all stages of life, from those just entering the home ownership market to those enjoying the freedom of retirement. Buyers who work with North Mark Homes get exceptional customer service, carefully designed floor plans and quality craftsmanship.

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